We work closely with customers with their requirements to build designs to suit their needs. This process is important as it serves to build the foundation on which the web site or application evolves from.
The design is the ground work and preparation for the site on which to build the site, and for future amendments and enhancements to be carried out.
A good design will serve customers well, and also other developers, as a design should describe the application or site clearly, without the need to delve into the code itself.

Graphic Design, like software design, starts by having a clear good understanding of what the customer is trying to achieve for their business. What story or message is being conveyed?
The design should be aligned and in harmony with the customer or company values, e.g. vision, strategy, ethos, goals, product, etc. All these and more should be part of the picture and story.
We also strive to deliver a pleasing and easy way to navigate content with the minimum of effort require to locate. Search engine optimisation (SEO) provides a way for information to be found when searching the internet, or local site searching through assisted content management, categorisation and tagging
Web site styling and branding is what we do to provde the look and feel to your site that helps to promote and sell your story.

The look and feel of your site is what is known as your theme, and this is kept separate from the content of your site, so that should you require a change to your theme, this can be achieved with no change to your content or functionality.