About Us

Janusoft is a small consultancy company that started out in 1991, taking on small projects in bespoke application development, web development, e-commerce, and providing consultancy to small and medium enterprises.
Our motto is "Serve customers well and deliver on promises".
Each day brings new challenges to the table, and we strive to meet those challenges and grow as we succeed to bring new ideas and never cease to think outside the box.
Every customer has different demands, and expects their requirements to be met with excellent standards, in a timely manner, and be of value to them. This requires attention on our part on listening to what the customer wants, having adequate number of meetings and reviews at regular intervals to adapt to changing requirements in an agile way, that both serves the customer well, and also provides a good working relationship, and delivers what the customer really wants.
This makes the journey a pleasant experience for both the customer, and their customers in turn.